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I am delighted with Prime Zero Prep (PZP) and I highly recommend them to anyone that is serious about outsourcing their prep and shipping work. PZP has allowed me to scale my business and focus on buying more products and opening wholesale accounts. I continue to be amazed on their outstanding customer service and how far they go to make a customer happy. With PZP I am able to leverage the full power of a fine tuned warehouse operation and benefit from receiving and storing all my products regardless of size, weight and quantity with speed and efficiency. PZP not only preps and ships my items to Amazon but it also receives my FBA removal orders, online purchase returns, ship items sold on Ebay and honestly they are my all around go to logistic partner. If you are considering a prep & ship company please do yourself a favor and contact Mark at PZP, you will definitely not regret it. Lourdes

Lourdes Martin



We enthusiastically recommend Prime Zero Prep! Simple process - fair pricing - very attentive!
PZP has truly become an indispensable partner for our FBA business       

Chris Adams


Prime Zero Prep is a Great full service Prep and Ship Company with fantastic customer service. I have used PZP for almost 4 years now and I have nothing but excellent things to say !
Prep service is a critical part of my business. They are meticulous in counts and prepping my shipments. They are professional, organized and reliable with quick turnaround times and excellent communication. Mark is incredibly knowledgeable on all facets of Amazon. Having PZP will free up time and allow you to grow your business. They are also quick to address any issues that may arise. Highly recommend !

Sue George


"As an experienced Amazon.com seller, I can fully endorse, recommend, and advocate for the supreme quality and effectiveness with which Prime Zero Prep works. One of the primary functions of an Amazon seller is to be looking for leads. Therefore, being able to outsource the prepping of my products to a company that I can FULLY trust is HUGELY profitable! With exceptionally reasonable pricing, outstandingly high quality, and effective customer support, Prime Zero Prep is by far the BEST prepping service that I have found!"

Connor Hassoun


"Mark and his team at Prime Zero Prep have been a big asset to our Amazon eCommerce company. They have earned a reputation with us of reliability, attention to detail, and overall ease of working with them. They have met and exceeded our expectations for our product fulfillment needs and we highly recommend them to anyone looking to outsource their Amazon packing operation."

Alex Gonzalez, Owner/ President


I have been very thankful for the Prime Zero Prep team. They have not only shipped out large volumes of inventory, but have been a great help by alerting me for any discrepancies or damaged goods. Prime Zero Prep has been a great addition to our business for shipping and warehouse services.

John Mason Harding


My name is Steve and I have been in the FBA business since 2017.
Until 2019 my business partner and I were prepping from our homes and feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work involved and the ceiling that physical workload was placing on our growth opportunities (There are only so many labels two guys can put on products along with all of the other aspects of running a business).
We sat down in 2019 to assess where our time was best spent and immediately realized it was not in prepping items to send to Amazon – Luckily we were introduced to Mark over at Prime Zero Prep and we sat down to discuss a possible relationship – Since we built our business around software and automation we were very happy with the PZP setup and ease of use – Mark and his team are very flexible and they can certainly prep better than we can and we have seen this in a lower return rate of damaged items.
The main thing we like about their setup is that they do not nit-pick when it comes to pricing – They have very reasonable fixed pricing and if an item needs to be polybagged or bubble wrapped they do it without additional costs – Not only that, they go above and beyond the standard Amazon requirements in many cases – If it needs additional prep they do it no questions asked!
Another thing we found is that in most cases their cost per unit is often ZERO or even a savings to us – Since they are in TAX FREE New Hampshire we eliminate an approximate 7% sales tax!
Mark is very personable and in the time we have worked with him I think of our relationship as a friendship first and a business second (Although he still owes me a coffee)!
I would highly recommend Mark and his team over at Prime Zero Prep.  During the current CV19 outbreak Mark has offered to help clients like me move from an FBA base to an MF base – Since the product is already at his warehouse it is a simple transition and as soon as this is over it will be a simple transition to take any remaining items and simply send them to Amazon as FBA again!


My company has been using PZP going on 4 years. Our previous prep warehouse frustrated us with bad process and poor communication. We made the right choice with PZP, just wish we had chosen them from the start! They have solid processes, great communication, and they consistently meet my high expectations. They have also accommodated us on some unique requests we have made from time to time. PZP has become a critical part of our workflow and allowed us to scale our operations without having to invest in our own full-time staff and facility. They are professionals and they deliver on their promises, period.

Todd McMichael


I have been using PZP since shortly after starting my business and they helped me to grow more than I thought possible in that time. I am freed up to run my business and my inventory is processed quickly and accurately. The team is excellent at responding to any requests or questions and are always professional. Essential for anyone looking to scale up their operation.


PZP has been an integral part of my business growth over the last 2 months. Mark and his team are very professional and get the job done. Even with recent events, I’ve never had a shipment not go out on time. I truly can’t thank the team at PZP enough for allowing me to delegate this part of my business which has allowed me more time to focus on expanding, and of course, more time spent with my family. I would highly recommend PZP for anyone looking to stop working in their business and start working on it!

Kevin Weaver


I've been working with Mark Ceruolo and Prime Zero Prep for more than a year and during that time he's proven to be an excellent business partner. As someone who's new to working with prep centers and ecommerce fulfillment in general, Mark's advice has saved me money and made my operation simpler and more efficient. I've learned a lot from Mark and highly recommend him.

David Provost


My business has worked with Prime Zero Prep for 5 years now and their service has always been excellent! Using a prep center has been an amazing way to allow our company to scale quickly without the added financial stress of finding a warehouse and staffing it. We have always been impressed with their professionalism and efficiency. We also love their flat rate pricing structure which allows us to calculate our costs easily. We purchase our products wholesale and often have LTL shipments delivered to them without a problem. Our company feels like a priority to PZP and they are quick to notify us if anything has not arrived in shipments as expected. Their accuracy checking products in is also very good. PZP's accuracy has been a huge relief for us because in the past we worked with a different prep center that regularly checked in products incorrectly and it was a headache. Prime Zero Prep has an outstanding staff, excellent communication and great processes in place for a FBA seller. Obviously, we would highly recommend them to any company looking to scale their business with a professional prep center.

Erin Steff


I wanted to reach out to say thanks to Mark and team for being an integral part of our strategic growth plan. We have been utilizing Prime Zero Prep for five years now and they have been a great business partner. We are a seven figure Amazon seller and don’t have any direct employees. Utilizing partners like Prime Zero Prep has allowed us to continue our growth without becoming a full-time employer. We have our own warehouse, but still utilize Prime Zero Prep whenever the economics work. We also utilize their merchant fulfilled services and sourcing lists which is another way they have helped us grow! We really appreciate all of your support! Mark @ JD Supply

Mark @ JD Supply